[{"id":"1","title":"Challenge Opens","subtitle":"March 22, 2017","balloonsubtitle":"March 22, 2017","date":"March 22, 2017","description":"\n\t\n\t\n\t\n\n

On March 22, 2017, the MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge launched. Between March 22 and June 21, you are invited to learn about the challenge and register.

\n\n\t\n","link":"#register","btntxt":"Register","period":"Challenge Period","periodlength":"March 22 - June 26, 2017"},{"id":"1","title":"Champion Committee Review","subtitle":"September 25 – October 4, 2017","balloonsubtitle":"September 25 – October 4, 2017","date":"September 25, 2017","description":"\n\t\n\t\n\t\n\t\t

After a video preparation period, Finalists will submit their videos to the Champion Committee who will determine the Grand Prize and other Winners in each category. The Champion Committee have been carefully chosen for their expertise in the digital economy.

\n\t\n","link":"#judges","btntxt":"View Judges","period":"Selection Period","periodlength":"September 25 – October 4, 2017"},{"id":"2","title":"Finalists' Notification & Video Preparation","subtitle":"July 31 – September 19, 2017","balloonsubtitle":"July 31 – September 19, 2017","date":"July 31, 2017","description":"\n\t\n\t\n\t\n\t\t

All Finalist organizations will be notified. Each Finalist will prepare a video for submission. Videos will be used by the Champion Committee as one consideration when determining winners and will be shared with our community of Inclusive Innovators.

\n\t\n","link":"","btntxt":"","period":"Preparation Period","periodlength":"July 31 – September 19, 2017"},{"id":"3","title":"Administrative Review","subtitle":"June 27 - June 29, 2017","balloonsubtitle":"June 27 - June 29, 2017","date":"June 27, 2017","description":"\n\t\n\t\n\t\n\n

Prior to the distribution of completed submissions to the Core Judges, the IIC team will review each application to ensure that it is of sufficient quality and meets eligibility requirements.

\n\n\t\n","link":"#application","btntxt":"Application","period":"Review Period","periodlength":"June 27 - July 30, 2017"},{"id":"3","title":"Registration Deadline","subtitle":"June 21, 2017","balloonsubtitle":"June 21, 2017","date":"June 21, 2017","description":"\n\t\n\t\n\t\n\n

Before submitting an application, organizations must register (and confirm that registration by clicking on the auto generated email) by June 21. The IIC cannot accept applications from organizations that have not registered online by 6:00PM ET on Wednesday, June 21.

\n\n\t\n","link":"#register","btntxt":"Register","period":"Challenge Period","periodlength":"March 22 - June 26, 2017"},{"id":"4","title":"Submission Deadline","subtitle":"June 26, 2017","balloonsubtitle":"June 26, 2017","date":"June 26, 2017","description":"\n\t\n\t\n\t\n\n

Once registration has closed, registrants will have until June 26 to complete their submissions. Online applications not completed and submitted by 6:00PM ET on Monday, June 26 will not be accepted.

\n\n\t\n","link":"#application","btntxt":"Application","period":"Challenge Period","periodlength":"March 22 - June 26, 2017"},{"id":"5","title":"Core Judge Review","subtitle":"June 30 – July 19, 2017","balloonsubtitle":"June 30 – July 19, 2017","date":"June 30, 2017","description":"\n\t\n\t\n\t\n\n

The Core Judges score and comment on each completed application assigned to them. All judges have been carefully chosen for their knowledge and experience in the digital economy. Each organization that submits an application will receive five sets of reviews that have been normalized. Based on the rank order of the applications, the top scoring teams will advance to the Champion Committee.

\n\n\t\n","link":"#judges","btntxt":"View Judges","period":"Review Period","periodlength":"June 22 – July 30, 2017"},{"id":"5","title":"Verification of Finalists","subtitle":"July 20 – July 30, 2017","balloonsubtitle":"July 20 – July 30, 2017","date":"July 20, 2017","description":"\n\t\n\t\n\n

The IIC team will conduct diligence against each of the top scoring organizations in the four categories to ensure that organizations meet a basic standard of scrutiny.

\n\n\t\n","link":"","btntxt":"","period":"Review Period","periodlength":"June 22 -- July 30, 2017"},{"id":"8","title":"IIC Awards Celebration","subtitle":"October 12, 2017","balloonsubtitle":"October 12, 2017","date":"October 12, 2017","description":"\n\t\n\t\n\n

The Inclusive Innovation community celebrates our 16 Winners in Boston during this gala event. Hosted in partnership with HUBweek, a Boston festival celebrating innovation and creativity, the IIC Celebration brings together over 1,000 people and renowned leaders in the Inclusive Innovation ecosystem.

\n\n\t\n","link":"","btntxt":"","period":"Awards","periodlength":"October 12, 2017"}]