You will select one Award Category in which to be considered. Your application will be reviewed relative to the other applicants in your Category. The 2017 IIC Categories are:

Judges will score and comment on submissions that satisfy the guidelines below. To be considered for an IIC Prize, you will be asked to answer the following application questions. 

A. Your Quick Pitch (25 words)

Provide a clear and succinct explanation of your organization’s approach to empowering people who seek to work and financially thrive in the digital economy.  Your Quick Pitch is a brief statement that each assigned Core Judge will read to develop an initial understanding of your solution.  This is your opportunity to make a strong first impression.

B. Your Executive Summary (150 words)

In one paragraph, provide a brief summary of the challenge that you are committed to solving and the solution that you are proposing. Your Executive Summary should be contained in a single paragraph. Focus on delivering a compelling overview so that the Core Judges assigned to score your application will want to read more. Your Executive Summary, along with other portions of your application, may be extracted and revealed to the public. Therefore, the paragraph should not require any other context to explain clearly the problem and your proposed solution.

C. The Challenge (100 words)

Explain the challenge related to the future of work and economic inclusion that your organization addresses. What obstacle to working and financially thriving in the digital economy do you seek to eliminate? Who currently faces this obstacle?

D. Your Solution (250 words)

Describe your organization’s approach and solution.  What do you do?  How do you address the challenge that you described above?  How is your organization positioned and prepared to create positive impact?

E. Your Vision (250 words)

What is your long-term vision?  Why is this vision bold, innovative, and transformative in its approach to shaping our economic destiny?

F. Your Organization (100 words)

Describe your organization and your operations.  When was your organization established?  Where do you operate and work?  How many people work at your organization? 

G. Your Leadership Team (100 words)

Who is on the leadership team for your organization?  Why are these individuals uniquely qualified to lead?  If the leaders themselves faced obstacles to engaging and working in the digital economy, please describe.  How does the makeup of your leadership team contribute to increased participation in the digital economy?

H. Your Technology (200 words)

The use of technology must be integral to an Inclusive Innovation.  Describe how your organization leverages technology or has created technology to empower people to actively engage and work in our rapidly evolving digital economy.  How does your use of technology contribute to your overall success?

I. Your Impact: Evidence (200 words)

Please provide clear and compelling evidence that your organization’s solution has proven to be measurably effective.  Make the case that your organization achieves the outcomes you selected above.  Show specific and quantifiable evidence that your organization directly empowers people to engage and/or work in the digital economy.

J. Your Impact: Beneficiaries (200 words)

Discuss the people that your organization empowers to participate and work in the digital economy.  Who are these people?  Why have they previously been excluded from the benefits of the digital economy?  What are the obstacles they face to achieving economic inclusion?  Explain how your solution contributes to greater participation in the digital economy.

K. Your Scalability (250 words)

Explain how your organization and your solution will grow over time and increase in effectiveness.  How will you impact a greater number of people over time?  How will your ability to achieve enhanced performance and value increase?  How does your technology lend itself toward this scaling up?

L. Your Financial Health & Funding Model

Provide a narrative description of the financial status and funding model of your organization.  Explain why you are positioned for long-term stability and expansion. Include any explanation of your funding status. (200 words)

M. Other Considerations (100 words) (Optional)

If there is any other information you would like the judges to consider, please include it here.

Video Pitch Requirements

All Finalist organizations will be asked to prepare a video for submission. Videos will be used by the Champion Committee as one consideration when determining winners and will be shared with our community of Inclusive Innovators.

Goals: the video should...

Guidelines: the video should...

Video submissions that do not follow these general guidelines may be removed.

For examples of past IIC Finalist video submissions, please visit: